Welcome, Adventurer,
to the official "Enter the Gungeon Contest"!

Have you ever dreamed of crafting a gun for use in Enter the Gungeon?
Yes? Then this is your chance.
You are hereby invited to the "Enter the Gungeon Contest"!

Note: This contest is partnered with Dodgeroll Studio and the Mod the Gungeon Team.

The FIVE top submissions will win a copy of Enter the Gungeon, including Soundtrack, Comic and more, and their creations will be implemented as a mod for the game by the Mod the Gungeon Team.
The FIRST additionally wins a Enter the Gungeon Plushie!

To get started. Look around my home. It contains everything you need to make and hand in your custom gun.

I thank you for your contribution!


Sir Gribleford Emart, Wizard of Norwel.

PS: Excuse the chaos in my home. I had to defend myself from some rogue foes and had not time to clean up yet.

How does this work?

All the ingredients to participate are in this room.

Start by first taking (downloading) the Template from the chest.

There will be a explanation in the library and in the zip file.

Additionally there is a forum to share your ideas, collaborate, ask questions or just show your project.

Once you are done with your Gun you can submit them by handing it to my assistant (the rogue).

When the project ends (Deadline is 18.12.2016) we will contact the winners via steam and announce them.

Good luck!

Click the chest to download the template.

The template file is divided in several sections.

Each section represents a specific animation.
An empty animation (column in the template) will be completely ignored.

IDLE You are holding the gun and not doing anything with it.
INTRO You just picked up the gun.
EMPTY The *clip* in the gun is empty. The gun still has more than 0 ammo total.
FIRE You are firing the gun.
RELOAD You are reloading the ammo in the *current clip* of the gun. Not what happens after you pick up an ammo pack.
CHARGE You are charging the gun. Will not do anything for non-charged guns.
OUT OF AMMO The gun has 0 ammo total.
DISCHARGE After fully loading the gun, you release it to shoot out whatever was charging up in there.
FINAL FIRE This animation overrides the FIRE animation if you are shooting out the last bullet *in the clip*.
EMPTY RELOAD You tried to reload the gun, but there is 0 ammo inside it.

If you want to have the gun change states, specify it in the submission and attach a **SEPARATE TEMPLATE** for each state of the gun, including the normal one. Specify how the gun switches to the new state in the submission. Each column in the template has 31 squares - if you need more than that, then feel free to increase the height and add a new row. If you need *less* than that, you can also remove the unneeded rows. This is not required and will not affect judgement.

You are free to make the projectiles look like and behave however you want.

Click the bottle to visit the forum.

Click the character to go to the submit form.
Be sure to remember to submit before 18.12.2016!

Should you not be logged into the website then please log in and visit the link again afterwards.

Search the room!